Thursday, November 1, 2018

He was the most wanted gangster in America: How did the Boston "Fugitive Fugitive" escape the arrest of the FBI

He was the most wanted gangster in America. Only Osama bin Laden had temporarily demolished him as the "most wanted" person.

James "Whitey" Bulger was one of the coolest and most ruthless criminals among the 70s and 80s criminals. He was sentenced in 2013 with two life sentences, for 11 of the 19 murders that the authorities had indicted.

But the hand of an unknown killer struck him on Sunday night shortly after being moved from a prison in Oklahoma to a new West Virginia prison.

Bulger, of Irish origin, had been the head of the Winter Hill Hill of Boston, a major rival of the Italian-American mafia.
The bureau turned a blind eye to his activities, but in return, "Whitey" spent all the information on the "family" that dominated Boston, the Patriarchs.

Only when the media brought to light the bloody relationship between the FBI and Irish organized crime Bulger had to leave.

But even then, it helped him: the former agent whose "contact" with the office, John Connolly, warned in time that an arrest warrant had been prepared against him.
It was 1995 when Bulger disappeared without a trace.

He was captured in California only in 2011, with daughter of his friend Catherine Greig, who had been waiting for and protecting him for years.

Authorities do not provide information about his death, except that they say he was killed. Certainly, he is suspected of being killed for equine washing.

Different films have been made for this character of the crime world.

But perhaps the most prominent role that inspired him was the character of Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson, in The Departed by Martin Scorsese.