Thursday, November 1, 2018

The budget for US secret services grew in 2018

The Trump administration secret service budget has increased dramatically in 2018, as the US is facing cyberattacks from Russia, China, and North Korea.

According to official figures released today, the US has dedicated $ 81.5 billion to civilian and military secret service activities in 2018, in the US and abroad, or 11.6% more than a year earlier.

The Defense Ministry announced in a statement that the budget allocated to military secretarial services during the fiscal year ended September was $ 22.1 billion versus 18.4 billion in 2017.

On the other hand, the National Intelligence Service (DNI) announced that the budget that was spent during the fiscal year spent on civilian secretarial activities amounted to $ 59.4 billion ($ 54.6 billion last year).

Austria withdraws from the UN immigration agreement

The Austrian government announced on Wednesday (October 31st) withdrawal from the UN agreement on immigrants, expected to be formally adopted in December.

The far-right coalition for several weeks is campaigning for Vienna to boycott the deal.
The Austrian government has raised concerns about national sovereignty as a cause.

"There are some points that we see critically and are afraid of endangering our national sovereignty," conservative chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Wednesday.

He took office last December in a coalition with the nationalist Freedom party supporting immigration policy.

Austria currently holds the European Union presidency and Kurz has prioritized curbing irregular migration.

The Global Security and Migration Agreement, which is not legally binding, was finalized by the United Nations in July.

Last December, the United States withdrew from negotiations, while Hungary in July.

He was the most wanted gangster in America: How did the Boston "Fugitive Fugitive" escape the arrest of the FBI

He was the most wanted gangster in America. Only Osama bin Laden had temporarily demolished him as the "most wanted" person.

James "Whitey" Bulger was one of the coolest and most ruthless criminals among the 70s and 80s criminals. He was sentenced in 2013 with two life sentences, for 11 of the 19 murders that the authorities had indicted.

But the hand of an unknown killer struck him on Sunday night shortly after being moved from a prison in Oklahoma to a new West Virginia prison.

Bulger, of Irish origin, had been the head of the Winter Hill Hill of Boston, a major rival of the Italian-American mafia.
The bureau turned a blind eye to his activities, but in return, "Whitey" spent all the information on the "family" that dominated Boston, the Patriarchs.

Only when the media brought to light the bloody relationship between the FBI and Irish organized crime Bulger had to leave.

But even then, it helped him: the former agent whose "contact" with the office, John Connolly, warned in time that an arrest warrant had been prepared against him.
It was 1995 when Bulger disappeared without a trace.

He was captured in California only in 2011, with daughter of his friend Catherine Greig, who had been waiting for and protecting him for years.

Authorities do not provide information about his death, except that they say he was killed. Certainly, he is suspected of being killed for equine washing.

Different films have been made for this character of the crime world.

But perhaps the most prominent role that inspired him was the character of Frank Costello, played by Jack Nicholson, in The Departed by Martin Scorsese.

Trump: One third of Americans believe the media "is the enemy of the people"

United States President Donald Trump criticized US media, saying he "strongly condemns hatred and fanaticism," but this is not reported.

Speaking at a Florida rally, ahead of Congressional elections on November 6, he said one-third of Americans believe the media is "an enemy of the people."
The president did not give evidence.

Critics accuse Trump of inciting violence by using extreme rhetoric against opponents, media, migrants, and Muslims.

This week, Trump offered condolences to the 11 masons who were shot dead in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The White House dismissed the blame for the Temple attack on the Tree of Life that happened at the weekend.

Carabinieri with new vehicles in anti-terror fight

Italian Order Bodies has enriched the SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee armored car fleet.

By the end of the year the carabinieri will be made with 19 SUVs specially equipped jeeps, and the first units arrived in the garage of anti-terrorism teams.

The vehicles have distinctive colors - prevailing dark blue with red accents, and are equipped with special signals.

The cab has the most modern communication equipment, and all the Grand Cherokee Jeep copies feature a 3.0-liter V6 engine with 190 hp, which is paired with eight-speed automatic transmission. The power is transferred to all four axles of this SUV.
In addition, the vehicles are armored for fire protection and possess bulletproof glass.

Otherwise, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles manufacturer is one of the largest car dealers for Italian law enforcement agencies.

Italy, increased number of victims of bad weather

Two other people were killed today in Aosta, in the Gressoney valley, after crashing a tree on the car they were traveling with.

In this area there have been numerous cases of intervention by rescue teams, due to fallen trees due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, Italian authorities had announced yesterday the red alert because of bad weather.

The Civil Protection Center has extended the red alarm by 2 pm on Friday 2 November because of the critical hydraulic situation in the secondary network and the critical geological situation in the Alto Piave, Piave-Pedemontano and Alto Brenta-Bakiljone-Alpone , while the orange alarm has left for the entire Venetian territory for the main hydraulic network.

In particular, for November 1, expected abstinent rainfall expected to be more intense in the morning.